El Patron Mexican Grill

100 Wayland Smith Dr.

Uniontown, PA


Welcome To The Real Mexican Food

Sparkling water Delicious dish served on pineapple

Whether you're a chicken, steak, or seafood person, our 'Burrito Durango' features them all. It comes wrapped in a 12" flour tortilla, and it's also filled with vegetables, rice, and beans. We then top it off with melted cheese and tomatillo sauce. This burrito is sure to satisfy the biggest appetite.

Try a 'Burrito Durango' for taste unlike any other

Some of our other house specialties include:

• Grande Tequila

• Cancun

• Fajita Burrito

• Cozumel

• Cheese Steak Burrito

• And more!

Enjoy our outdoor seating area on a nice day!


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Awaken your taste buds with one of a kind Mexican dishes